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Seven Seasons of Black and White Phyllis Locklear

Seven Seasons of Black and White

Phyllis Locklear

Published October 22nd 2013
Kindle Edition
210 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jessie Cole is a Lumbee woman in her thirties who always dreamed of marrying her prince in a big white beautiful church. She grew up in a rural Native American community the South, raised on a small farm by her grandpa and Aunt Candy Mary, where she learned to appreciate her Lumbee tribal roots. When her grandpa falls ill, his dying wish is for her to find a man with whom to share her life.Things do not unfold quite like he intended, though, as Jessie embarks on a seven-year season of courting all manner of ill-suited prospects: liars, cheaters, drunks, pot heads, and prejudiced fools. Hoping to find prince charming, she instead surveys a pond full of frogs. Jessie turns to her old and colorful aunt Candy Mary, neighbors, and a childhood friend to help mend her broken heart. Will Jessie ever find her prince? Or will she settle with a pond full of frogs?Seven Seasons of Black and White presents an Indian womans search for love as she attempt to strike a balance between her thick native roots and the trials of modern day life.